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Michael Gove: Boris Johnson wasn’t up to the job

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Michael Gove has said he chose to run for the Conservative Party leadership after deciding "reluctantly but firmly" that Boris Johnson was not capable of uniting the party or the country. "It had to fall to someone e...

Istanbul airport attack: Who were the victims?

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Image captionFrom top left (all ground service workers, unless specified): Ethem Uzunsoy, Ertan An (translator), Adem Kurt, Yusuf Haznedaroglu, Serkan Turk (physical education teacher), Ozgul Ide, Caglayan Col, Umut...

Viewpoint: Why the US can afford to ignore Canada

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Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES Despite being an important trade and defence partner, the US tends to ignore Canada. But that's paradoxically because the two get along so well, as Jordan Michael Smith writes. US Preside...

Apple patents concert camera blocker

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Image copyrightTHEO WARGO/GETTY IMAGES Apple has been granted a patent for technology that could stop smartphone cameras being used at concerts. The patent describes a smartphone camera receiving coded infrared sign...