Benham Brothers on Their New Book and America: ‘Morally and Spiritually, We Are on the Decline’

Christian entrepreneurs and twins Jason and David Benham are out promoting their new book, “Living Among the Lions: How to Thrive Like Daniel in Today’s Babylon.”

The book compares modern America with ancient Babylon, and argues that today’s Christians are living in a culture that is becoming pagan. The brothers argue that Christians must now have three things that Biblical figure Daniel, who is protected in a lion’s den by God, possessed: conviction, commitment, and courage.

The brothers recently were interviewed on “The 700 Club.” Here is how they summarized “Living Among the Lions”:


We’re watching what’s happening in America. Most people are looking around saying, you know what, America is changing fast, morally and spiritually we are on the decline. We have to say to ourselves, well how do we live faithfully in the midst of all that?  Daniel’s life paints a perfect picture. We outline how Daniel lived with courage and commitment. When the cultural winds began to shift, and no longer favored his convictions and commitments, he stood with courage. He was willing to face the lions and we can do the same today…